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We are very keen to support not only our local environment: but the people within our community too. We love to talk about and show people what we do and have recently invested in presentation equipment so that we are able to deliver talks and tutorials throughout the community. If you are part of a community group or School wishing to learn more about bees and honey - please contact us, we'd be happy to help!

We often receive messages from college students researching honeycomb and bees. As the bees are at their most active through the Summer months, this is the perfect time to complete any visits of our Apiary's to collect photographs of the bees and honeycomb. If your project falls at a different time of the year; we may still be able to help - feel free to contact us with details of your project and we'll try and help in any way we can.

For the past 3 Summers: Horwich Honey as sold our very quickly. We are gradually increasing the number of apiary's and colonies we have annually with the aim of meeting customer demand throughout the Winter months. At the moment we do not produce enough honey to be able to stock market stalls however this is something that we will be aiming for over the next few years as Horwich Honey grows.

Still not sure? - Contact us.


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It is important to try to identify the type of insect you have visiting so that

we can provide the correct advice:

Honey Bees:

  • Up to 1.3cm in length.
  • Dull, sandy Orange stripes with a fluffy back (thorax).
  • Usually found in large groups and swarms and tend to cluster together around the queen in a ball shape.

Bumblebees: (Click here for more info)

  • Size varies on species - can be up to 3cm in length.
  • 'Chunky' in appearance and fluffy all over.
  • Usually seen in small numbers (maximum 300) and do not swarm.


  • Up to 1.7cm in length
  • Bright yellow and black stripes with a shiny back (thorax).
  • Live in nests (shown in picture left) through the Summer months.