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From Our FAns!

Q: I suffer from Hay Fever, will Horwich Honey help?

A: Some studies suggest that local honey benefits Hay Fever as it contains 2-3% pollen as well as lots of natural enzymes and vitamins...

Q: I am studying in Europe and am looking for a placement in the UK - can you provide this?

A: Horwich Honey is a small, family run organisation. We would be unable to facilitate apprentiships or international placements.

Q: I am researching bees/ honey/ honeycomb as part of a college project - can I come and look at the bees/honey/honeycomb?

A: We are always happy to help students with their studies...

Q: I am interested in keeping bees, can you help?

A: Yes, we are always happy to help new beekeepers whether you are going to set up your own apiary or you are just interested in the bees and how honey is produced. Please contact us with your plans and queries.

Q: Where can I buy Horwich Honey?

A: Horwich Honey is currently out of stock however will be available online and in Lee Lane Pets, Horwich as well as Maiden's Butchers, Hindley..

Q: How much is a jar of Horwich Honey?

A: A 1lb Jar of Honey will cost £6.

Q: Can I buy a large quantity of honey and jar it myself?

A: Unfortunately not.  To ensure that our honey meets all of the required standards such as labelling and hygiene standards - we do not sell Honey in bulk.

Q: Can I buy honeycomb, beeswax, pollen, propolis or Royal Jelly from you?

A: We will have some honeycomb available to buy through the summer, please contact us ASAP if you would like some as we will only cut as much as people order to avoid wastage.  We do not sell pollen, propolis or Royal jelly and will not be doing at any point in the near future.